Exploring Our ‘True Core’: The Interdependent Design And Function / Feelings and Emotions

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Exploring Our True Core: The Interdependent Design And Function

Of Head, Spine, And Ribs. (Session 2)

Drawing from vertebrate evolution and human infant development, this

workshop expands on Alexander’s hypothesis of the primary control, both

theoretically and experientially. Participants will learn new ways to explore,

activate, and integrate the true core of head, spine, and ribs to improve breathing,

coordination, and balance.

Feelings And Emotions. (Session 3)

This workshop presents recent discoveries in neuroscience to shed light on the

physiological underpinnings of our feelings and emotions. There will be

discussion and demonstration of ways to explore both in the context of the

Alexander lesson. Our goal is to become more skilled in helping our students:

1) Know themselves more fully and accurately; 2) Verbalize their inner

experience; 3) Understand how unconscious reaction to feelings and emotions

can harmfully impact health, manner of use, and self-concept; and 4) Use

conscious inhibition to lessen reaction rather than suppress feelings and