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Flying in from Overseas?

We know it can be tricky these days. If you need to have a point of contact of a person in the states please use my name and address: I am staying at the Hampton Inn. Adddress under Accomadations.

Carol P. Prentice

451 S. Padre Juan Ave.

Ojai, Ca. 93023.     805-798-3929

For a Location:

Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus

1032 W. Sheridan Road

Lake Shore Campus

Chicago, IL 60660

Here is the website for advice: http://www.ddhs.gov/visa-waiver-program. 

How to Choose or Change your Continuous Learning Choices

You can choose your preferred Continuous Learning sessions on our Registration page. It is best to register early as many of the CL sessions fill up fast. There will be a waitlist available and you will be sent an email should your CL session become available. Once you’re registered you will get an email confirming your registration and can use that email to log back in with your confirmation number and email address.

To make changes go to our website, click registration. Click the first registration button which will take you to the Registration website. Click Already Registered button. Put your email and confirmation number in the boxes. It will bring up your information. Click on Modify.  When your name comes up, click on Registration in the far right. This will bring up your CL sessions if you want to make changes. Be sure to follow through to the end to have it send you a new email confirming your changes.

It is best to register for all your CL sessions before you get to the Congress. Or you might have to wait in line to make changes. But we are happy to help. Please note there may not be a lot of choices if you wait to register at the Congress. Most CL Sessions will be limited to 20-25 participants.

Can I Book Workshops in Advance?

There is no need to book afternoon workshops. You can just turn up. However, most workshops will be limited to 20-25 participants. Once the room is ‘full’ you will need to choose another workshop to attend that day. We recommend that you arrive early, to avoid disappointment.

Due to limited room availability and that we have over 90 workshops, there will be no new added workshops during the Congress.

How to Register a Group/Guest

On our Registration page, you are able to add other participants to your registration page. It will ask you if you want to register another person. You will also be able to choose their CL sessions for them, so have them ready.

How Do I Share Accommodations with Another Person?

Loyola University (LU) is doing all of our registering for the accommodations. Go to our registration tab to click on their registration page. Unfortunately, if you are staying in a double room you will need to have all the registration information for your roommate. The LU system will only accept one credit card.

This means that your roommate will have to send you money by check, PayPal or other means. We are sorry for this inconvenience but this is how their registration website page is set up for all of their groups that come to do an event at LU.

How Do I Book Extra Nights’ Accommodation Before the Congress?

Interested in coming early? Want to stay at Loyola University campus and talk advantage of their great rates? Once you book your 6 night for the Congress you can call them directly to add an extra night or two. If you want to stay after the Congress ends you will need to book your own accommodations as LU closes down in order to get ready for their Fall semester.

“We require hi-res shots (at least 300 DPI in resolution)”

Call John at 773.508.8090 or email them at loyolalodging@luc.edu. Their office is open from 9 am-5 pm (M-F) CST.

What If I Lose My Key to My Dorm Room?

Keys: There is a $255.00 charge for each lost residence hall room key and/or key not returned by the end of the day of check-out. These charges will be your responsibility and not that of the Congress.

What Time is Check Out On Saturday?

Check out for the Congress on Saturday, August 4th will be after the Congress ends, which should be by 1:00.  You should check out by 3:00. There will be a charge of $50.00 for each person not officially checked out of their residence hall room by the group’s agreed-upon checkout time. You can store your luggage downstairs in the dorm if you need to for awhile.

How to Log Back into Your Registration Account

Once you have registered for the Congress you will get a confirmation email with a confirmation code. That code along with your email is what you will use to log back into our website to make any changes to your Congress registration. Please print this out and save your email for easy access as you can click on the bottom where it says already registered (this is the registration website) to go back to the website to make any changes or check CL teachers availability. Once in you will see your name, on the far right you will see information, hover over that and click. This will take you to your registration. If you want to change your CL sessions, find who you want and then click on them. Some CL sessions are full. Once you have what you want, follow it through to the end and it will send you an update.

 What’s Your Refund Policy

  • Refund full fee less 15%, before February 1st, 2018.
  • Refund full fee less 50% between February 2nd, 2018 and June 1st, 2018.
  • A $75 fee will apply to assign your place to a different person.
  • No refunds will be possible after June 1st, 2018 Any cancellation must be confirmed by our administrators.
  • Please contact Loyola University for their refund policies regarding your accommodation.

Boat Tour

We have added a fun event for our day off! We are renting Wendella Boat Architecture Tour for a 2-hour private tour. The tour will include an open bar of beer, wine, soft drink. Along with amazing food that we are having catered for this event.  As we float along the river our guide will tell us about the incredible architecture of Chicago.

As we had to give the registered number to Wendella July 5th. If you would like to join us after this time the fee is now $95. We still have room.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your ticket for the boat tour and get a full refund up until May 1, 2018. After that time you will get a partial refund or can sell it to another AT community member.


 Local Hospitals Near Lakes Shore Campus: