Being in Touch with Our Hands and Opposition in Direction.

Open to Teacher/Trainees

This is a two part workshop with the two elements blending into each other. (So the move from one to the other may not have any particular timing).

We will start with an exploratory session to discover the principle of antagonistic action and finding ways of applying it in our ‘hands-on’ practice so that we can build a trust in our connection between our use and our hands and gain a fuller understanding of what it means to go back into the back.
Included also is the idea of another opposition, connection and release. What do they mean and can one lead to the other and/or can they be one and the same thing? This could involve a brief look at connective tissue and its role in our work.

With our backs well established we will then go on to some playful work exploring our hands and our relationship with them by getting to know the shape, the feel and the touch of them as well as the direction and energy in them. Through this we can communicate the warmth, sensitivity and understanding of our direction in our non-doing touch, so that we can really enjoy the art of hands on? Exploring old and new ways of working we can find out our teaching habits and expand our repertoire in the use of our hands.