Teaching Without Touching: Lessons Learned Online

Open to All

Is it possible to teach truly high quality Alexander Technique lessons over the internet? After
logging almost 1000 hours teaching A.T. online, the short answer is YES, absolutely!
In Teaching Without Touching I will share some of the things I’ve been discovering while
teaching students and training teachers over the internet. Some of the topics we’ll be exploring

● A new model for observation

● Why students learn faster

● Home study:The Étude System

● Adapting to the medium

● Building a community around your practice

● Why a student’s independence keeps them coming back

● Group teaching in cyberspace

● Teaching via language, voice tone, melody, presence and pause

● How to approach a student new to the Alexander Technique

● Viral Alexander

The most surprising thing that’s come from teaching regularly without hands-on is how much it
has improved so many other aspects of my teaching. It has challenged me to take a fresh look
at the manner in which I teach and I’m a much better teacher for it.