The road to the promise land

Open to Teachers/Trainees

Anyone who experiences the A.T and delves into its depths, is able to discover that like other wonders of creation, the Alexander art deals in revealing the matter which is in the mystery of nothingness.

This hidden secret, more wondrous than the capability of man’s researches, invites man to be part of creation, be included in it, a bridge between heaven and earth.

It is acceptance, recognizing his place in the world.

This understanding enables the neck to separate and bridge between the heavenly head and earthly body, releasing the muscles, enabling them to move without harming their wholeness. Man’s only role is to be able to see the promise Head beyond the stormy streaming muscles and not crossing them but building faith in the field of non – doing.

This concept of direction does not describe surrender and inevitable resignation of man when in action, but rather illuminates and dissolves the isolated narrow ego, liberates and transforms him as a partner of the forces surrounding him, realizing that all human beings are nourished by those invisible, yet ever present forces.

Therefore a teacher has no need to change a student but accept and connect till togetherness. Illustrating that human touch represents nature, and by invisible impulses, guides and leads to the occurrence of the head, drawing to the forward and up. FM was so romantic in his writings… never mentioning love, and left it written in the touch of hands, reaching the secret of silence, sensing life that can be expressed only by touch. From there Words appear, shed light, are shared, and make the sensation richer.