Thinking in Activity: Running: The launching pad for better use?

Open to All

Alexander wrote : When I employ the words ‘direction’ ……I wish to indicate the process involved in projecting messages from the brain to the mechanisms and in conducting the energy necessary to the use of these mechanisms. By its very nature running makes greater energetic demands on the individual and therefore provides an ideal landscape for developing our ability to ‘think (direct) in activity, the cornerstone of our work.


Malcolm’s experience of working on running with Alexander teachers and trainees over the past 25 years has lead him to believe that running and the ongoing evolution of good use are inextricably linked. If we accept that we are all ‘born to run’, does failing to exercise our birthright fundamentally limit our potential as human beings?


Several years into teaching the Alexander Technique, Lindsay was inspired to start a running practice after taking a few of Malcolm’s workshops. Through her own experience with running and working with runners, she continues to get new insights into her own use and that of her students relating to running directly and to sitting, standing and walking.


This workshop will explore some of the factors involved in developing our innate skill as runners as well as highlighting some common forms of mis-use. Although the primary focus of this workshop will be on running, there will be time to look at the role of what might be called ‘necessary effort’ and we will explore the notion of ‘doing nothing’ as a form of mis-use through simple movements ranging from standing to sitting to a basic kettlebell swing.


This workshop is open to anyone who can run 50m and is not a test of endurance. It’s a workshop not a workout! Participants should come prepared to have an enjoyable experience running. Please wear suitable running shoes and we’ll be doing video analysis, so dress to impress!