Robin John Simmons

Open to All

Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT has been teaching AT since 1971 having trained with the Carringtons. Since 1982 he has been training AT teachers and has trained over 100 teachers to date.


Since learning about the work of Raymond Dart whilst training he has taken a life-long interest in connecting the work of Professor Dart to his Alexander Teaching. He published “The Evolution of Movement“ in 2015 which describes the Dart Procedures and the links between them and AT. He has taught the Technique in many European countries & in Australia. He currently runs, together with his wife Béatrice, an AT training school in Zürich, Switzerland. In recent times he has been invited to give presentations at hospitals in India and Denmark. He and Béatrice run an annual one-week course on the Evolution of Movement and the Elements on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. He also teaches T’ai Chi and Nordic Walking.


Béatrice Simmons SBAT MSTAT has been teaching AT since 1989 having trained with Irma Rellstab. She has taught the technique in the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Greece, India and, as well as individual lessons, has given many group classes and presentations on the Technique. She has been training teachers since 1994 and is co-director of training at ATLAZ, the training school she and Robin run in Zürich. Béatrice is also an expert on scent and is internationally respected in the Shaman World.