Rose Bronec and Rick Carbaugh

Rose Bronec and Rick Carbaugh are Co­Directors of Alexander Technique Urbana (ATU) in Central Illinois, USA, founded in 1999. They both remain active members of the American Society for the Alexander Technique, serving on Board and committees for extended periods of time.

Rose Bronec certified with the Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 1980 after completing her training with Goddard Binkley in Chicago. She spent one post­graduate term with the Carrington’s in London. She assisted and co­directed on Joan and Alex Murray’s training course in Urbana from 1991–1999. Rose taught at the Murray’s Annual Refreshers for a total of twelve years. She continues to train teachers on her course, ATU.

Rick Carbaugh began his training with Goddard Binkley, took a hiatus, and completed his training with Joan and Alex Murray in 1994. He assisted on their course for five years and coordinated the Murray’s Annual Refreshers from 1992–2005. Rick assists with the training of ATU teachers when not occupied with his profession in restaurant management.